Automobile Loading/Unloading Ramps

Buck Equipment engineers created the 4-wheel steering ramp with maximum performance and safety as the driving forces behind the design.  This state-of-the-art machine is manufactured with only the finest materials and parts, maintaining their high-quality standards, and ensuring the leadership role Buck Equipment has established over the last five decades.

Features Include:

Operator’s Console

The ergonomically designed operator’s console is not only extremely functional, but comfortable as well. The adjustable cushioned seat is complete with a safety belt and a fire extinguisher located within easy reach. All gauges and controls are placed for easy operator viewing and access. Driving lights can be included for maximum visibility. The placement of the console keeps the operator away from moving parts while allowing a clear view of all operations. There are no obstructions between the operator and the rail car.

Safety Pawl-Block

Buck ramps utilize an exclusive pawl-block locking system* to secure overall ramp angle. The components that make up the system are an integral part of the function of the ramp and perform consistently and in unison. These components are located on each of the ramp’s rear vertical support members. The pawl is a ratchet device that fits into the teeth of the vertical support. The block safely locks the pawl into the desired position. *Safety cover has been removed.

Retractable Ground Ramp

The ground ramp section of the ramp can be raised to an angle of almost 90-degrees. This feature is unique to Buck ramps and allows the operator even greater maneuvering capabilities with less parking space required when the ramp is not in use.

Cable Lift System

Buck’s cable lift system is based around the same safe, proven cable lift system found in office building elevators around the world.

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Buck Equipment stocks parts, not only for Buck ramps but also for other manufacturers who do not supply parts and service on ramps. Our huge inventory includes lifting cables, valves, gauges, cylinders and much more. Call us today for more information or a quote on your ramp parts needs!

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